Aldes Expertise: Since 1983 American Aldes has been providing ventilation solutions for residential, commercial and multi-family buildings. Our residential ventilation products in particular have been installed in tens of thousands of homes across the nation and are a growing segment of our business.

Easy installations: Unlike packages cobbled together from various manufacturers, VentZone® System Solutions are designed to work as a centralized system so there’s no guesswork or hassle. Sleek, compact kits make installation a snap. Set-up instructions are simple and smart. Fewer callbacks, happier clients, better business.

Few penetrations: Multiple fans mean multiple exterior penetrations, but Aldes kits only have one ventilator. That means one penetration for fans, and two for HRV/ERVs.

Eliminate callbacks: Heavy-duty construction, virtually no maintenance, and long warranties mean that Aldes products will keep working long after the contractors and inspectors are gone.

Wide variety of solutions: Supply, exhaust, balanced – VentZone® supports multiple ventilation strategies. Aldes has the widest variety of ventilation solutions on the market.

Warranties: At American Aldes, we stand behind our products with multi-year warranties that give you peace of mind. Durations vary and can be found on the Spec & Technical data for each product.

Product Support: We’re here to help. If you experience any problems, our knowledgeable experts are on-hand to talk you through it, toll free at 800-255-7749 .