Residential bathroom ventilation has been synonymous with the basic ceiling exhaust fan. You know the one – noisy, low quality, standard issue. ALDES took a hard look at the weaknesses of this fan and even those loaded with bells and whistles. We didn’t just design a fancier fan with lots of unnecessary features. We transformed the bathroom fan into a truly functional ventilation machine that changes how people look at ventilation. ALDES bathroom ventilation kits are powerful yet efficient enough to be ENERGY STAR rated. Stale air and moisture are exhausted quickly and precisely.

Unlike noisy fans that homeowners loathe using, ALDES ventilators are remotely located so there is no noise at the grille. Since one ventilator controls multiple bathrooms, ALDES kits only require one vent on the outside of your home, which reduces the set-up time and keeps your home tightly sealed. And that’s just for starters. For a truly demand-based approach – with all the benefits of the basic kits – ALDES offers VentZone® System Solutions.

The combination of exhaust ventilation and zone control means the system is only active when and where you need it. No more wasted energy. It’s time to ditch the bath fan and ventilate better with ALDES.

Bathroom Ventilation Options