Ventilating your home: Whole-house ventilation is not achieved with a bath fan and a kitchen range hood. Doing the bare minimum to meet codes may be standard operating procedure for some, but today’s homeowners demand energy-smart homes. In addition, poor ventilation has many long-term effects: humidity issues, diminished indoor air quality, health problems, and high energy bills. Insisting on a true whole-house ventilating system is far better than fixing problems later.

Aldes VentZone® Systems and Ventergy® Series Fans precisely manage the amount of air that enters and exits your home. They adapt to how you actually use your space. That may sound complex and expensive, but Aldes kits are simple and affordable. Aldes has solutions for homes of all sizes, climates, and construction types. Indoor air quality and whole-house ventilation are not passing trends. They directly impact the quality of your home, and the quality of your life.

Whole House Ventilation Options