Energy efficiency: Solutions like on-demand exhaust boost give you control over ventilation when you want it. Constant airflow regulators give you the carefree set-it-and-forget-it option. Heat and energy recovery systems ensure that the money you spend heating or cooling the air in your home isn’t lost when the system brings in fresh air.

Cost effective: The ENERGY STAR rating on all Ventergy® Series fans means that products will save you money on energy bills.

Quiet products: Remotely located fans and HRV/ERVs are quiet yet powerful. You’ll know they’re working by the air quality, not the fan noise.

Speed control: Need more or less air? Aldes fans and HRV/ERVs are speed controllable and the CARs can be set to different rates, even after installation.

Controllers and accessories: Aldes has an assortment of compatible controllers and accessories to complete your system. Boost the exhaust. Set the timer. These products put you in control.

Built to last: Heavy-duty construction, virtually no maintenance, and long warranties mean that Aldes products will keep working long after the contractors and inspectors are gone.

Warranties: At American Aldes, we stand behind our products with multi-year warranties that give you peace of mind.