Home Location/Climate

The continental United States is divided into seven specific climate zones, ranging from Very Hot in Zone 1 to Very Cold in Zone 7. Additionally, most zones are divided into Humid (eastern half of the United States), Dry (most of the western states), and Marine (west coast states) subzones. The climate zone and subzone dictate which ventilation solution is most appropriate for a dwelling. See our Aldes Products Residential Applications by Climatic Zone for details.

Home Size

Home sizes vary, and so do ventilation solutions. For example, homes with 1-2 bathrooms may only need a single-port bath fan kit, while homes with 2-5 bathrooms are paired with multi-port bath fan kits. For whole-house ventilation, the number of square feet can make a difference in choosing the right kit. Be sure to check out the product details or contact us. We’re ready to help!

Customer Expectations and Budgets

Are your homeowners concerned about allergies? Humidity? Do they insist on ENGERY STAR certified products? More and more homebuyers are demanding energy-smart homes. Indoor air quality and whole-house ventilation are not passing trends, they’ll directly impact the quality of the home. Forward-thinking builders who incorporate energy efficient solutions will continue to have an edge on the competition.