American Aldes ZPR-2 Zone Pressure Regulator is a compact, TRIAC-based fan and motor control designed for the HVAC, electronic, and industrial controls markets. The ZPR-2 can automatically control most single-phase AC fans and motors used in exhaust ventilators, duct fans, and blowers. The ZPR-2 regulates motor speed from a pressure transducer or flow transducer. It has automatic voltage and frequency detection and current rating up to 7.5 A. The 6″ x 11″ job-box mount makes this microprocessor-based design extremely flexible and economical.

The benefits of using the ZPR-2 include noise reduction, pressure or flow regulation, greater system reliability, increased fan life, improved safety, and energy savings.

Electrical Ratings: 95-250 VAC, 7.5 A

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