The American Aldes Pressure-Timer Switch recognizes dryer operation and activates a booster fan from an independent electrical circuit. This eliminates connections through the dryer circuit, which may void the manufacturer’s warranty, as well as manual systems that require the attention of the operator, and costly current/temperature sensing systems.

The electrical to the booster fan is connected in series through a normally open terminal on the switch. A pressure tap is connected to a nipple on the side of the switch. When the dryer begins operation, positive pressure in the duct causes the switch diaphragm to expand, closing the circuit to the booster fan. An integral delay-on-make timer in the switch will turn the fan on for intervals of approximately 10 minutes. This will continue until the dryer has stopped and the timer delay period has lapsed. Drying cycles, the booster fan, the delay timer, and the pressure switch are not adversely affected by the starting/ stopping intervals.

NOTE: Installation by a licensed electrician is recommended. Installation and use of this equipment must be in accordance with provisions of the national electrical code. Applicable local codes and pertinent industry standards should be verified before installation.

Electrical Ratings: 115 V supply, 2 A.