American Aldes Ventergy® Series IAQ-FSVS Filtering Supply Ventilator Kits are the best way to supply constant, precisely regulated amounts of fresh air to central forced-air (heating/cooling) systems in homes. Compared to using a motorized damper, the IAQ-FSVS constantly and efficiently provides fresh air to the home at a precisely regulated low volume. Motorized dampers only provide high volumes of fresh air when the forced-air system is running. The ENERGY STAR rated FSVS100 fan consumes far less energy than a large fan in a forced-air system. The IAQ-FSVS is the superior solution for better indoor air quality, comfort, and energy efficiency.

When used with a Constant Airflow Regulator (CAR-II), the IAQ-FSVS guarantees precise, continuous low-volume airflow supply into the home to meet code requirements such as ASHRAE 62.2, ENERGY STAR with IAP, LEED for Homes, and California Title 24. The kit also includes a galvanized steel all-weather wall hood, and the choice of a CAR-II or a variable speed controller.

If a forced air system is not present, please see the IAQ-DSVS Kit.

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