The H190-TQG offers great heat recovery, ideal for installation in a spacious home or a small business, using only the four duct connections.

The H190-TQG heat recovery ventilator exchanges up to 199 CFM of air 0.4 in.w.g (ESP) and recovers heat through its high-efficiency polypropylene core.

It has been thoughtfully engineered for simple installation in almost any size of house.

It has two exclusive features. EvacMAX™ provides on-demand boost for maximum ventilation.

Recirculation defrost to maintain a neutral pressure in the home, and using only the four duct connections. No fifth duct connection required

Airflow at 0.4 in. w.g.: Up to 199 CFM
Core Type: Polypropylene
Duct Connections: 6″ Diameter, Top
Dimensions (W x H x D): 29-3/4″ x 21″ x 15-1/8″
Certifications: HVI Certified and Energy Star® (Canada)