American Aldes Ventergy® Series FSVS Filtering Supply Air Ventilators are designed to provide precise amounts of outdoor air to the occupied space. Fresh air passes through a filter before being distributed, either via the supply stream of a forced-air unit, or through an overhead return in the main living area. The low-volume fresh air provided by the FSVS140 keeps indoor air quality high, and the space stays positively pressurized to avoid backdrafts and unwanted infiltration.

Accessories are available to accommodate applications ranging from single-bedroom apartments to five-bedroom houses. Accessories are included only when ordered as a Ventergy® Series IAQ-FSVS Filtering Supply Ventilator Kit. The fresh air duct take-off can be fitted with an automatic self-balancing constant airflow regulator (CAR-II) that ensures precise flow rates, independent of duct lengths. The passive control element in the duct run adjusts automatically in response to system pressure to maintain specified airflow rates. CAR-IIs are sold separately or provided with kits. Note: Certified performance ratings do not account for the effects of accessories or optional balancing dampers.


  • Airflow at 0.2 in. w.g. (ESP): 140 CFM
  • Certifications/Listings: ETL, HVI, and ENERGY STAR

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