Aldes Standard Commercial Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) are designed for straightforward commercial. Many desirable features are standard and more are available for selection, making it easy to design the perfect unit for your commercial project. See the specifications sheet for all available options.

Nominal Capacity: 1000-2000 CFM
Use: Exterior (See SE2000i for interior model)
Plate Exchanger Options: Standard Enthalpy, High-Efficiency Enthalpy, or High-Latent-Transfer Enthalpy
Optional Frost Prevention/Control: Internal Pre-Heat Coils (Electric or Hot Water), Exhaust Defrost, or Recirculation Defrost
Post-Heat Coils: Optional, Electric or Hot Water
Duct Configurations: 4 variations plus mirror image cabinet option
Hoods: Supply and Exhaust with Bird Screens (standard)
Roof Curb: Optional
Cabinet: Double Wall, Galvanized Steel
Certifications: AHRI Certified to Standard 1060

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