American Aldes Ventergy® Series IAQ-BVS Blending/Filtering Ventilator Kits take stale air from the bedrooms and mix it with fresh outside air in the blending chamber. The air is then filtered and supplied back into the common living area(s) of the home. By blending the outdoor air with indoor air, the IAQ-BVS system provides clean tempered air into the home for greater comfort. Blending/Filtering Ventilators are suitable for all climates and ideal for moderate climates where energy recovery ventilators are not beneficial.

The integrated Constant Airflow Regulators (CAR-II) guarantee precise, continuous supply airflow into the home to meet code requirements such as ASHRAE 62.2, ENERGY STAR with IAP, LEED for Homes, and California Title 24. Each kit includes an ENERGY STAR certified BVS120 or BVS200 fan that provides silent and efficient operation. The package also includes decorative exhaust grilles with universal mounting sleeves and brackets, adjustable supply grilles, backdraft damper(s), wye adapters (as needed), and a galvanized steel all-weather wall hood.

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