American Aldes Fresh Air Kits are ideal for use with forced-air heating or cooling systems. FAK-II-MD Kits introduce controlled amounts of fresh air per ASHRAE 62 Standards. The kit is designed for A/C dominant climates and prevents costly over ventilation.

The key element of the FAK-II-MD is the integrated, pressure-independent Constant Airflow Regulator (CAR-II) that limits the volume of fresh air introduced to the forced air conditioning or heating system. Once connected to the return plenum of a forced-air system, each FAK-II-MD has 3-4 adjustable CFM settings so that homes are not over-ventilated (wasting energy) or under-ventilated (poor Indoor Air Quality). The CAR-II eliminates the need for field balancing or adjustment. The FAK-II-MD includes a 24V motorized damper that can be interlocked with the forced air system to prevent airflow when the system is not running. Additionally, each kit includes a CAR-II, a galvanized steel sleeve, and a galvanized steel all-weather wall hood. See FAK-II Kits for models without motorized dampers.

If a forced air system is not present, please see the IAQ-DSVS system package.

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