Aldes Light Commercial Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) provide high-efficiency energy recovery. The units use a polymeric membrane core that can withstand a range of environmental conditions. The E1800 is powerful yet quiet enough for use in restaurants, offices, and other light commercial buildings.

The E1800 is ideally suited for cold-weather applications. The E1800-Fi shuts down the fan for the outdoor air supply during defrost cycles. The E1800-Ri uses a fifth port with a motorized damper to defrost the core with recirculated warm air from inside the building. Other key features include: non-dust-loading backward-inclined impellers, integral mounting rails, and multiple filter options.

Airflow at 0.2 in. w.g. (ESP): 1800 CFM
Use: Indoor Only
Core Type: Polymeric Membrane (sensible and latent heat transfer)
Defrost: Fan Exhaust (E1800-Fi) or Recirculation (E1800-Ri)
Duct Connections: 24″ x 8″, Side
Cabinet: Painted Galvanized Steel
Dimensions (W x H x D): 48-5/8″ x 29-5/8″ x 48-7/8″
Certifications: AHRI Certified to Standard 1060

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