American Aldes “AD” Series duct fans are direct-drive, centrifugal exhaust/supply fans that are ideal for moderately sized ventilation applications. The mixed-flow impeller combines the compact size of axial fans with the higher-pressure characteristics of centrifugal blowers. Additionally, these fans offer substantially quieter operation and are easier to install than axial fans. “AD” fans can be mounted at any angle and in any point in the duct work. Their straight-through airflow design configuration, and the ease with which they can be removed, facilitate both installation and service.

“AD” Fans are designed to operate in conditioned airstreams with termperatures up to 140°F. Motor bearings are the permanently sealed, self-lubricating ball type. All fans are 100-percent speed controllable through a decrease in voltage with either a solid-state or transformer type of control. “AD” Series fans are available as standard or high-performance models in seven different sizes.

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