Skyline Tower (23-15 44th Drive Long Island, NY) a new 802 luxury LIC condominium residence, stands 778 feet tall making it the tallest building in New York outside of Manhattan. The 67-story residential tower amenities include a fitness center with a 75-foot swimming pool, a sauna and spa, a yoga room, laundry room, a children’s playroom, and multiple lounges for residents. Residents will also be able to enjoy uninterrupted views of Midtown Manhattan and the sunsets looking west, along with high-efficiency indoor air quality ventilation from American Aldes Parallel Damper In-line Zone Terminals (ZRT-PDIL) and Ceiling-Mount Constant Exhaust Register Box with Adjustable CAR-II (CERB-CS-II)

The patent-pending ZRT-PDIL are designed to introduce flexibility and dynamic demand control to central supply or exhaust ventilation systems without the need for individual fans or VAV (variable air volume) terminal units. Each ZRT-PDIL is a combination control damper and constant airflow regulators (CAR-II) preventing noise and excessive energy consumption caused by over-ventilation.

The CERB assembly provides a low-cost solution to balancing ventilation and exhaust systems, essentially eliminating the need for on-site balancing.

Project designed by Hill West Architects, developer United Construction & Development Group.

Cosentini Associates is the mechanical engineer and contractor, epic Mechanical Contractor, LLC

Manufacturer’s representative A.D.E. Systems facilitated the sale of Aldes products in Skyline Tower and many others in the Big Apple.

Construction is slated for completion by 2021 and move-ins to begin in 2020.

American Aldes’ quiet, high-efficiency ventilation solutions are perfect for improving indoor air quality while saving energy and reducing operating costs. From automatic airflow controls to advanced heat and energy recovery ventilators, American Aldes has the right product for your project. American Aldes products can be found in high-performing homes and buildings across United States. To see other projects where Aldes products have recently been installed, visit our Featured Projects Map.

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