Using American Aldes Ventilation Equipment in Airport Noise-Mitigation Programs

Many U.S. airports are involved in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) noise mitigation programs designed to minimize the impact of aircraft noise on the dwellings surrounding these airports. Treating existing structures for noise typically results in very tightly built structures that demand ventilation. For years, American Aldes has provided ventilation solutions for airport noise-mitigation programs. Since 1982, the FAA has spent more than $8 billion… Read more »

Introducing InspirAIR® Compact

American Aldes is pleased to announce the refreshingly new InspirAIR® Compact additions to our lineup of heat and energy recovery ventilation systems. Sized just right for smaller living spaces like condos, apartments, or dorms, the InspirAIR® Compact’s two sizes, deliver between 80 and 130 CFM of fresh, filtered air for all occupants to enjoy. In… Read more »

American Aldes Brings Healthy Indoor Air to Clearwater Valley Medical Center

American Aldes Ventilation Corporation is no stranger to bringing indoor air quality solutions to hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities. Clearwater Valley Medical Center in Orofino, Idaho is ensuring employees, patients, and their families and friends all breathe healthy indoor air while saving on heating and cooling costs with an Aldes energy recovery ventilator. The… Read more »

HTS Texas expands partnership with American ALDES to include central and southeast Texas markets

HTS Texas, the Texas partner of the largest independent commercial HVAC manufacturers’ representative in North America, announced today that the company is expanding its partnership with American ALDES to include the central and southeast Texas markets of Austin, San Antonio and Houston. American ALDES manufactures ventilation products and systems for commercial applications. After HTS Texas demonstrated success… Read more »

A new step forward for ALDES : Exhausto joins the Group

The Aldes Group acquires the Danish company Exhausto This major operation will boost the development of the Group in Northern Europe and will make the group a key player on the air handling market. ALDES, an international family group based in Vénissieux (69), France, whose business responds to the needs of indoor air quality, thermal… Read more »

90 Years of Passion and Pioneering Spirit

Since its creation in 1925, Aldes has provided customers with specialized know-how and has used its pioneering spirit to help create major innovations that have marked the history of ventilation and thermal comfort. Year after year, with this expertise and commitment, Aldes has maintained a leading position and has expanded its presence into the biggest… Read more »

Energy-Efficient Ventilation for Well-Insulated Homes

The Aldes Residential SIP Ventilation Modification Design Guide (PDF) is a comprehensive handbook of best practices for ventilating single- and multi-family homes. Developed as a result of American Aldes’s involvement with Residential Sound Insulation Programs (SIP) across the country, this guide explains how homes that are tightly built (like those in areas surrounding airports) can suffer… Read more »

Exciting Additions to the Standard Commercial HRV/ERV Range

Aldes is pleased to announce the launch of several highly anticipated options for the Aldes Standard Commercial HRV/ERV Range:  a new high-latent-transfer enthalpy core, EC motors, and expanded frost control and heating options. These additions increase efficiency while maintaining cost-competitiveness. The foremost addition is a brand-new recovery option for all Standard Series ERV models: the… Read more »

ZRT-PDIL Receives Honorable Mention

American Aldes’ ZRT-PDIL received a 2015 AHR Innovation Awards Honorable Mention in the Ventilation Category. All Innovation Award winners will be honored during the AHR Expo, January 26-28, 2015, in Chicago. American Aldes received the Innovation Award in 2013 for the Zone Register Terminal ZRT-2 and Honorable Mention in 2014 for the VentZone® Zoned IAQ with… Read more »

VentZone® Zoned IAQ Kits Receive Honorable Mention

American Aldes’ VentZone® Zoned IAQ with Heat Recovery Kit received Honorable Mention from the 2014 AHR Expo Innovation Awards in the Ventilation Category. The AHR Expo, where all Innovation Award winners were honored, took place January 21-23, 2014, in New York City. American Aldes received the Innovation Award in 2013 for the Zone Register Terminal… Read more »