Fifteen Hudson Yards (553 West 30th Street New York, NY), an elegant 88-stories, 285-unit condominium residence designed to LEED Gold standards opened earlier this year in the Hudson Yard’s Eastern Yard. The neighborhood was recently named NYC’s first LEED Gold Neighborhood Development by the United States Green Building Council for its green infrastructure and responsible urban design. Among the world-class residence amenities include: an indoor 75-foot swimming pool, 3,500-square-foot fitness facility including spa and salon, collaborative work space, concierge services, and zoned ventilation with centralized heating and cooling systems that include American Aldes Zone Register Terminals (ZRTs) and Constant Airflow Regulators (CARs).

Aldes ZRTs & CARs are the preferred ventilation products for multifamily dwellings because they provide automatic on-demand and continuous healthy ventilation that delivers both energy and cost saving benefits, while creating a healthier indoor air quality environment.

Partnering with ADE Systems to secure the sale of ventilation products for Fifteen Hudson project, Aldes ZRTs offers flexibility and dynamic control to central exhaust and supply ventilation systems; while Aldes CARs reduce energy usage by automatically regulating airflow in duct systems to constant rates.

Aldes ZRTs and CARs have been installed in hundreds of apartments, condos, and other multifamily buildings across the United States and beyond. To see other projects where Aldes products have recently been installed, please visit our Featured Projects Map.

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